President Maurer and Greg Kerr of Montreat College, I am a woman of my word. Montreat (before your administration) taught me well. I speak truth with love and joy, until injustice has gone on long enough. So, I asked you for a personal apology two years ago this past May. Then I wrote or met with you at least three additional times asking again for an apology. Now, I am making it public and the ask is bigger:

I want an apology to every homosexual student and faculty member, every professor who you mistreated and yelled at behind closed doors (I currently know of over 12), every gay ally, every student was who raped on your watch, every girl that was touched by coaches, every faculty whose credentials were questioned without reason, every hard working STEM girl that was not given a recommendation for grad school, every professor of the year or of the decade that you did not hear or listen to, and every situation you hushed to your Board of Trustees. We have a battle cry of Christians here (over 12 girls on my personal messaging who dealt with sexual harassment, other alumni who are writing me and saying #metoo, former Montreat school counselors who believe that Montreat has more sexual misconduct than secular universities, former deans who thought this was stopped before they were fired by you, and former professors that you alienated and called unworthy).

So your Director of Communications, better get to work (tell your evangelical Trump supporting donors you need to pay him double), because he has a lot of letters to write on your behalf. We are and will always be Montreat-- the great Saints that lived in a little cove surrounded by missionaries and who were visited by civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and little old ladies that made us tea and snacks like Jessie Junkin McCall and Ruth Bell Graham.

With Veritas (that means truth by the way),

PS- I am so glad that you are such scholars of the Apostle Paul's views of sexual immorality because there are professors who continue to sexually harass women in your community. As you told me it would be a heretical to not follow the Apostle Paul.
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Melissa B. Wilson, A.L.M and M.S. is an active conservationist and environmentalist who happily lives in paradise (the U.S. Virgin Islands) working to create STEM career pathways and networks for Caribbean students. As a former evangelical, a current climate activist, gay ally, and descendant of the Bohemian Reformation (the first Protestant Reformation) she speaks about faith, life, ecology, and our current political climate on her blog She graduated from Harvard University in May 2019 with a Masters of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies-Sustainability and won the Harvard Dean’s Top Prize for Best Thesis in Sustainability. Her conservation research about wilderness, reaching Half-Earth, and STEM education can be found at

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