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Reflections on Being a Hispanic Female, Conservationist, and Diversity and Inclusion

I came late to the party-- finished my first masters at 35 and the second now at 40. To be honest I knew I was a conservationist and a scientist at seven.  I spent that summer at camp and then went to the Grand Canyon late August. The female park ranger stood on the edge talking about its grandeur and I hugged her leg.  

Straight Thoughts on Mayor Pete

Alright friends here is some "straight talk" (as we call it in the Caribbean). I know that my unabashed support of my homosexual friends and community (such as #mayorpete) makes you uncomfortable and like you need to pray for me. I love that you love me and that you are concerned for me. We in the #evangelical community lived a lot of hard and joyful years together and I will never ever forget the amazing bond we had. But, to be honest, I got tired of judging people…