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You Can Apologize Now

Reflections on Life at Montreat (A Small Christian College in Appalachia)

In May 2017, I sat in Gaither Chapel (now named Graham Chapel after Billy’s death) and watched Montreat College scholars take the stage. The best students from each department with the highest GPAs, the most community service, and the most actively involved on campus were paraded in front of the student body and faculty as prime examples of “Christian scholarship”.  I giggled…

Straight Thoughts on Mayor Pete

Alright friends here is some "straight talk" (as we call it in the Caribbean). I know that my unabashed support of my homosexual friends and community (such as #mayorpete) makes you uncomfortable and like you need to pray for me. I love that you love me and that you are concerned for me. We in the #evangelical community lived a lot of hard and joyful years together and I will never ever forget the amazing bond we had. But, to be honest, I got tired of judging people…

Winter is a new day.


It’s a new winter; it’s a new day.  Both the beauty and the sorrow of the universe is found in the ebb and flow of seasons, cycles, and time.  The seasons change and we lose and we gain. 

To be a teacher


Dear evangelical,

Every September with the start of school there is a reunion of old friends and new. This year is a little different...and I am surrounded by new friends. As I reflect in this rainstorm, I can't help be thankful for the old ones, too. When I decided to become a teacher, I never thought that meant indoctrinating people.