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You Can Apologize Now

Reflections on Life at Montreat (A Small Christian College in Appalachia)

In May 2017, I sat in Gaither Chapel (now named Graham Chapel after Billy’s death) and watched Montreat College scholars take the stage. The best students from each department with the highest GPAs, the most community service, and the most actively involved on campus were paraded in front of the student body and faculty as prime examples of “Christian scholarship”.  I giggled…

The Science Boy’s Club

Reflections on Being a Hispanic Female, Conservationist, and Diversity and Inclusion

I came late to the party-- finished my first masters at 35 and the second now at 40. To be honest I knew I was a conservationist and a scientist at seven.  I spent that summer at camp and then went to the Grand Canyon late August. The female park ranger stood on the edge talking about its grandeur and I hugged her leg.